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·      ...an incredible 97% of all weight loss attempts fail

·      ...over 70% of Americans are now overweight

·      ...almost 25% of us are now "clinically obese"

·      ...and we gain back a heartbreaking 95% of the pounds we lose!

Do you find all of this as shocking--and as unacceptable--as I do? If so...

Here Is A Time-Tested Way To Virtually
Guarantee Your Weight Loss Success:

A Consumer Reports Magazine article titled "The Truth About Dieting" (June 2002) reported that people who were most successful at weight loss "did not involve themselves with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or any other organization." Instead, the researchers found that...

"If any one thing made a difference for them, it  was one-on-one counseling from a professional such as a psychologist, nutritionist or personal trainer..." (p. 27)

This unbiased article reflects the experience of more than 8000 successful weight "losers"-- real people living in the real world.

Having a personal trainer & coach will dramatically increase your chances for success, too, because most people find that they can do with a coach what they just couldn't do on their own.

Which explains why...

· Virtually all major sports figures and Olympic athletes use personal trainers to get and keep their "winning edge."

· Tens of thousands of corporate executives at all levels rely on coaches to ensure their success.

· Countless entrepreneurs and small business owners use personal coaches to help them succeed where others fail.

· And thousands of "just plain folks" use personal trainers on a regular basis to find better health & energy, improved fitness, much needed support in making wiser food choices, and
of course lose weight!

Simply put, the surest way to get results is with professional help. A few months of training will propel you toward your goals and can save you years on your path to victory.

So if your health and fitness goals are really important to you, why go it alone when you don't have to?

Hear from Real Clients
There are many inspiring stories from people who have used Staten Island's top fitness professional to assist in getting the results they never dreamed possible.

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The Top 5 Benefits Of Working With A Personal Trainer

1. You Get Much Quicker Results - Working with a top qualified fitness trainer is your proven fast track to success. Your trainer's expertise, clear focus, and targeted resources will get you to your goals at maximum speed--without detours, wheel spinning, or backsliding.

2. It's Much More Effective And Efficient - You don't waste your precious time, energy, and other resources doing what doesn't work. You do what works for YOU, you do it consistently, and you reach your goals much faster.

3. You Get Solid, Consistent, Unwavering Support - As you may know, not everyone in life always has your best interest at heart. But your trainer's only goal is your total success .

4. You Join The Winners! - The widespread use of personal trainers by successful people in all walks of life is the strongest testament to the difference a good fitness coach will make in your life.

5. You're Way Ahead Of Those Who Try To "Go It Alone" - Many people will be "penny wise and pound foolish" by trying to do it all by themselves. As a result, the success that could quickly have been theirs may come slowly--or not at all. Why put yourself through that?

At my age I often hear that it's too late. All of my friends at work told me that you can't make a big change in such a short time. They said that even if it could be done that I couldn't do it. I lost 25 pounds and have kept it off for over two years. I feel 20 years younger. Now they're asking me "How did you do it? Thank you Tony.

Dr. Gloria Brown


Five More Reasons Why Personal  Training Is So Effective:

1. You Take More, Better, Smarter Actions - Working with a well qualified personal trainer helps you get clear about what you really want, as opposed to what someone else thinks you "should" want.

2. You Get Your Life In Balance - which is especially important for weight loss, because imbalances in the parts of you that are not visible (like your mind and spirit) sooner or later show up in your body--where they're very visible!

3. You Learn To Prioritize Your Own Needs In A Very Healthy Way - You start to take the actions that get your wants and needs met, while not turning others off, yet still being totally true to yourself.

4. You Have Lots More Energy! - Working with the right fitness professional helps you clear up a lot more than just weight loss issues. Getting rid of your inner barriers to success frees tremendous energy to improve every part of your life!

I am an executive for a major corporation and travel across the country every week About three months ago I made a conscious decision that I wanted to get back in physical shape, as well as being able to feel better about myself. I was introduced to Tony three months ago. At a time I was introduced, I wasn't sure whether or not I would be totally motivated or committed to doing the workouts that would be necessary to feel better. Tony is an individual who is very motivating. Tony was very courteous in terms of how he worked with me. He built me of slowly to the point of which that every session we had together I physically got better and better and better. To the point that after the three months of working out I have now more energy than ever before, mentally I am sharper than before, the stress level that I had before has dramatically gone down and every day I actually look forward to physically working out. I now have my own regimen that I follow and independently do. I have to thank Tony for all that he's done for me over the past three months.

Jeff Tuttanauer

5. You'll Work Directly With The Creator Of The Best Body Ever Fitness Transformation System - one of the top personal trainers in the country, Tony Books Avilez,CSCS has appeared in Flex magazine, Oxygen magazine as well as many other national magazine and of course The Staten Island Advance - Tony guarantees to get you in the best shape of your life, and will show you a path toward more energy and vitality than your ever believed possible. Tony has worked with countless others, some traveling as far away as 4 hours to learn the lifestyle skills he teaches.

Isn't It Time You Stopped Struggling 
And Started Succeeding?

The key to getting maximum results in minimum time, and succeeding even as others fail all around you, lies in the powerful combination of (a) using proven principles and techniques, and (b) working with a top qualified and experienced personal trainer.

If you're serious about success, I want to personally invite you to contact me. I can get to know you a bit, and you can learn more about personal training, about me, and about how we can bring fitness & weight loss success to your life. We'll create a set up that will fit your needs, desires and will be within your financial budget.

Tony has made such a huge difference in the way that I feel, the way that I look as well as my outlook in life. His programs are simple, they're doable and they have helped me to make changes I would not have been able to make on my own. I highly recommend anybody that is even thinking about making a change to your physical well-being and your mental well-being to consider Tony's programs. I am grateful to know him and to continue to use these programs as I change my lifestyle. Thank you Tony.

Allie Casey

Are You Ready To Become Your Own Success Story?

It really boils down to this: You can keep doing what most people do--and remain among the 96% who will keep on failing. Or you can start doing what's been proven to work--and start losing your unwanted pounds safely, permanently, and without stress, struggle, drugs, pills, or diets.

Do you fix your own car? Re-roof your house? Represent yourself in court? Then why try to "do it yourself" with something so much more important: Your own health. Your own fitness. Your own life!

Are you ready for once and for all to experience weight loss success?

Is it your time yet? 

Lisa Ann Williamson is a writer for the Staten Island Advance. She lost 8 inches over her body, lost over 20 pounds of fat and took over 2 inches off her waist. Her transformation was chronicled in a 3 part news story. To read it
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If you're serious about weight loss success, having your own personal trainer is absolutely the surest way to get it. If you live on Staten Island, call or email Tony Books Avilez today and he'll set you up on the program that fits your needs best.

Get the facts, and find out why so many people have used his approach to accomplish what they haven't been able to do on their own.

If you're ready for results, Tony is 100% ready to help you get them. To get started, simply...

          1. Email Tony Books Avilez Now

           - or -

          2. Call Tony personally at (718) 420-0720

But whatever you do, please don't waste any more of your time, money, or emotional energy on fitness or weight loss "solutions" that never worked and never will.

 "I was quite skeptical when you told me all that I needed to do to lose the weight I wanted. I am so thankful that I listened. Everyone in my family is on board. Collectively we have already over 63 pounds and counting. Tony, Thanks so much for sharing your incredible knowledge."

- Donna R., Staten Island

Who deserves success more than you? How much longer will you wait? Haven't you struggled enough?

You know, if Tony's training clients could talk to you, each and every one of them would tell you--emphatically--that you deserve better than what you've been getting. Much better.

That's what they would say. 

What do you say?

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The 7 Hidden SECRETS The Diet and Weight Loss industry don't want you to know
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Every year millions of people a attempt to
lose weight and get in shape.
97% fail.

We work with the 3% who succeed.

If you're ready for results, Tony is 100% ready to help you get them. To get started, simply...

          1. Email Tony Books Avilez Now

           - or -

          2. Call Tony personally at (718) 420-0720

About Tony Books Avilez:

Now recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in the country, Tony Books Avilez, CSCS has distinguished himself as a top notch fitness advisor and lifestyle coach. He has been recognized as one of the best in his field. Tony has certifications from American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer as well as a lifestyle and weight management consultant. He is certified as a nutritional consultant by American fitness professionals & Associates. He also possesses the prestigious Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.To date he has worked with hundreds of Staten Islanders who now enjoy greatly improved fitness, wellness, energy and vitality.

Call (718) 420-0720

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