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Missed Work Cost: Up to $800 per person

Obese workers miss more days of work than those who have kept a normal weight. On average, people miss about three days of work per year. But obese men miss five, and obese women in the heaviest body mass category miss eight days of work.

Cost Of Obesity To A 1,000 Person Firm: $285,000

When added up, the costs of paying for obesity-related health care and worker sick days add up quickly--totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 1,000 person business.

Obesity costs U.S. companies more than $13 billion annually in medical fees and lost productivity and is associated with 39 million lost workdays

Source: Eric Finkelstein, The National Business Group on Health

We offer dynamic fitness & wellness programs, motivational workshops & seminars, as well as team building events for companies, conferences and business meetings.

We will come to your conference, meeting or convention and implement a complete health, fitness, and wellness program. This includes:

  • Health and weight management consulting
  • Nutritional Couseling and coaching
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Fitness facility design
  • Lunch and learn education sessions
  • Body Fat testing

Tony Avilez will research your industry and work environment of the conference attendees and then focus on designing the most effective fitness & wellness program. Tony has designed, implemented, and managed programs for a variety of group sizes. He has over a decade of experience working in the high gear corporate environment. Along with his experience and dynamic speaking ability he distiguishedly quality to present in the professional platform.

We take pride in making our programs:

  • Educational & Valuable
  • Motivational & Inspirational
  • Adaptable to all levels
  • Fun & Enjoyable

All programs are customized to meet the objectives of your organization. Our programs The cost of a program depends on your needs and desires.

Price often depends on:

  • Length of program
  • Size of group
  • Number of sessions, classes, and programs offered
  • Number of workshops and programs requested
  • Specific needs and goals

Lost productivity/wages and the medical expenses associated with disability-related absences are two critical costs of workplace obesity. The average absence for a worker who files an obesity-related STD claim is 45 days, a substantial length of time for an employee to be out of the office. Employee absences resulting from obesity adversely affect businesses due to rising healthcare costs, lost productivity, the increased burden on other workers, and the cost of training a replacement employee or paying overtime to other employees to compensate for lost work hours.

At the same time, you should not overlook other diseases that arise from and/or are linked to obesity. Individuals who are obese have a 30-50% greater risk of developing chronic medical problems than those who smoke or drink.3 Common diseases that have been linked to obesity include diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, lower back disorders, and hip, leg, and foot disorders. Based on research by MetLife, the CDC, and the American College of Cardiology, three key conditions linked to obesity — diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease — cost employers more than $220 billion annually in medical care and lost productivity.

Each employer should look at its employee populations and examine these factors as well as medical expenses and STD claims information to determine whether obesity is a problem in the workplace and what can be done to curb the problem.

A few options for companies to consider when addressing obesity problems include:

  1. Making on-site programs, like our weight management system, available at work
  2. Sponsoring or subsidizing health club memberships
  3. Working with group health vendors to develop more programs to target obese populations
  4. Implementing a healthy eating campaign, which should include healthy options in cafeterias and vending machines

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